Live aerial map views in Germany

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You are in: Webcam directory > Live birds eye aerial views > Germany live aerial map views
Enjoy a good selection of live aerial map views in Germany.  Check out the location of the Oktoberfest Beer Festival by the sattelite aerial map view in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Webcams in category Germany live aerial map views
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Live aerial map view of Eder Dam in Germany, target of the Dambusters
On the 16-17 May 1944 617 squadron bombed several Dams in the Ruhr Valley, Germany. The aim was to disrupt production and draw resources away from the ground wars and other fronts that were open. The Eder Valley was covered by heavy fog but not defended. The tricky topography of the surrounding hills made the approach difficult. of the three aircraft that bombed the dam only 2 arrived home with the third being shot down over the Netherlands.
Enjoy this spectacular live aerial map view of a Ruhr Valley Dam
http:/ / maps?q = Affoldern,+Edertal,+Deutschland&hl = en&ll = 51.183069,9.058657&spn = 0.00497,0.011362&sll = 51.116805,9.360094&sspn = 0.019908,0.045447&oq = affoldern&vpsrc = 6&hnear = Affoldern+Edertal,+Kassel,+Hesse,+Germany&t = h&z = 17
Live aerial map view of the Möhne Dam in Germany, a target for the Dambusters
The Möhne Dam was one of the first targets of the Dambusters raid in May 1943. Hit twice by the 5 aircraft that were tasked with bombing it with only 3 of the aircraft returning. George Gibson the flight leader flew his aircraft across the dam to draw the flak away from Peter Martin\'s run after seeing Mother Hopgood\'s plane hit by flak on its run. In terms of deaths, tragically at least 1,579 bodies were found along the Möhne and Ruhr rivers, with hundreds missing.
Enjoy this spectacular view of the Mohne Dam in Germany, you can even see the towers used as sights to drop the bombs
http:/ / maps?q = M%C3%B6hne+Dam&hl = en&ie = UTF8&ll = 51.488892,8.060907&spn = 0.00467,0.011362&sll = 51.488438,8.061132&sspn = 0.009874,0.022724&vpsrc = 6&hnear = M%C3%B6hne+Reservoir&t = h&z = 17
Live birds eye aerial map view of the Sorpe Dam, a Dambusters target
On the 17-16 May 1944 617 squadron took off to bomb four dams in the Ruhr valley. The Sorpe dam was the one least likely to be breached. It is a huge earthen dam, rather than concrete-and-steel gravity dams that were attacked successfully. Due to various problems, only three Lancasters reached the Sorpe Dam. Two had no effect and the other missed due to bad weather over the target. After this the other aircraft in 617 squadron were diverted to Lister Dam and Ennepe Dam, one plane being shot down and the other hitting its target but having no apparent effect.
Enjoy this stunning live aerial map view of Sorpe Dam, Germany
http:/ / maps?q = Sorpe+Dam&hl = en&ll = 51.35041,7.968972&spn = 0.009904,0.022724&sll = 51.183069,9.058657&sspn = 0.00497,0.011362&vpsrc = 6&hnear = Sorpe+Dam&t = h&z = 16
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